Twitters customer satisfaction challenge

تحدي رضا العملاء على تويتر

Twitters customer satisfaction challenge, Twitter begins a new era at the hands of Elon Musk,
the American billionaire, who acquired it for $44 billion, but after a big battle he fought in the courts.


Twitter’s New Era
Why Twitter’s Stock Has Failed
As for Robin Hood





Twitter’s New Era


It is expected that Musk will change the direction of Twitter, which began his career in the stock market almost 9 years ago,
as he launched with a force he had not witnessed The market before but did not complete the same way as the rest of the companies operating in the field of technology,
where Twitter stock rose by 73% in 2013 on its first trading day, while the profit decline began to reach 8.4% annually.


Why Twitter’s Stock Has Failed


This investor, who trusted Twitter as a safe and strong climate, started the decline,
as Twitter did not meet his desired growth goals and did not complete the same way,
despite the passage of 9 years since its entry into the stock market.
Alec Young, the chief investment strategist at Map signals,
said that there is no doubt that it has not reached It never reached the ceiling of the aspirations of investors when its shares were offered for public subscription, and its shares were traded at about twice their price earlier this year.
In other services, there is a stock such as the Nasdaq 100,
which records an annual growth of about 11%, and has also made a jump that exceeded approximately 15%.


While Musk aspires to better performance in the coming period, as soon as he intended to buy,

the stock started a growth journey that reached approximately 24% during the current year,
after it failed in front of many companies compared to their success. Snapchat,
for example, grew by 50%, as Meta platforms achieved growth of 29% and others
One of the companies that have outperformed it significantly during
its trading in the markets under the banner of technology stocks.





As for Robin Hood


It showed an unparalleled success that exceeded the expectations of economic analysts, as it was expected to achieve revenues of about 357 million dollars, while it achieved 361 in a resounding success that drew everyone’s attention. It also achieved losses of about twenty cents per share, which constituted a total of about 175 million Its shares have risen by 4% to reach 11.88 in the trading of the New York Stock Exchange, and the stock has experienced losses of about 36% during the current year, while the recovery has begun another plane during the last three months, even with the decline in the enthusiasm of active traders, which decreased monthly by $ 12.2 million Monthly, it is doing an unparalleled activity to maintain its progress during the coming period, as stated by the company’s chief financial officer, Jason Arinc, which indicates a coming period full of confidence by traders and expecting billions of dollars to be pumped into their accounts during the coming period.