New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sonic

New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sonic


New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sonic


New UK Prime Minister Rishi Sonic, The ruling Conservative Party confirmed the election of Rishi Sunak,

after the withdrawal of her last challenger, Benny Mordon, who had tweeted her positive words about Siwak,

where she said, “We all owe it to the country and to others and Rishi to unite and work together for the good of the nation.”

Sunak is also scheduled to address MPs at 2.30 pm as the first Indian leader to hold the position. He is also the youngest to hold the position for nearly two hundred years. The 42-year-old Sunak is now the de facto prime minister.





Things did not go with Sonic easily, but his far-reaching view had a great impact on his assumption of the position, as he was one of the fiercest opponents of the policy of Liz Terrasse, the former prime minister, who had beaten him in the last race to lead the Conservative Party, where he always warned of her policy, which he described as it would lead to economic chaos and he was really right opinion. Not only that, after he resigned from the position of Treasury Secretary to the government of Boris Johnson, his biggest challenge became to achieve a better position until he finally got lucky after persevering for a long time.


Confusingly, Sunak was not at all unwelcome, given the bitterness and division in the Conservative Party. Only months after his dismissal for threatening to hamper the hopes of Sunak, who fought many battles to obtain this position, especially after the withdrawal of Boris Johnson, who had won a vote of no votes from members of the Conservative Party supporting him.


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