Joe Biden studies measures to restrict investment

Joe Biden studies measures to restrict investment

Joe Biden studies measures to restrict investment in Chinese tech companies.

As the China-U.S. crisis escalates,
U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is considering
curbing U.S. investment in Chinese tech companies



the Chinese technology sector

Goldman Sachs expects a further rise in gas prices within Europe.











the Chinese technology sector

One person said on Friday that these investment restrictions in the Chinese technology sector
will come as an executive order signed by the president in the coming months,
and perhaps also take action against the TikTok video-sharing application,
and also impose restrictions on the use of chips used in artificial intelligence computing.


Currently, US companies are under increasing government scrutiny over anything sold to China,
which is the world’s largest buyer of chips thanks to electronics factories,
and Washington’s argument in this regard was that it poses a security risk to it.


So far, the United States has not been able to isolate the Chinese
from the entire semiconductor sector and has focused only on blocking some limited
and individual companies, but at the same time, recent steps indicate
that the US administration aims to take further measures to stop
China from accessing entire sectors of technology.


There was more caution from Chinese tech giants that spread widely in all countries of the world,
for example, the British Foreign Secretary decided to suppress such companies, including TikTok.

Venture capital at Chinese tech startups rose to $118 billion last year, hitting an all-time high.









Goldman Sachs expects a further rise in gas prices within Europe.


After Russia’s recent statements regarding the final suspension of the main pipeline
“Nord Stream 1” responsible for the flow of gas to Europe,
Goldman Sachs expects a rise in gas prices to the same record levels recorded last August.


Bank analysts confirmed that such news could re-recommend the uncertainty regarding
the ability of the European Union region to manage the crisis next winter.


Russia has refused to resume pumping natural gas to Europe through the
pipeline due to a maintenance problem due to the leakage of oil
in the main gas turbine at the Portovia pumping station,
and on the European side, they expect this to be just pressure
due to sanctions imposed after its invasion of Ukraine.


Prices are likely to rise from the following Monday,
as analysts expected after the flow of Russian gas stopped.

Maintenance work on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline had already begun on August 31
and the company responsible for maintenance was indicating that
its work was completed within only three days and scheduled to be completed yesterday.


In light of the crisis that began in February due to Russia’s war on Ukraine,
Europe decided to try to solve the problem with different
solutions and reached the formation of temporary winter stocks,
but this will not protect them from serious consequences that
could face if the continent experiences severe cold attacks at any time.


Historically, Russia used to send most gas exports to Europe through Ukraine,
as the data showed that the operator of the Ukrainian gas transmission system
that the quantities transported through the country,
which averaged 124.6 million cubic meters per day in 2021,
are currently at about a third of this level.


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