European emergency plan goes into effect

European emergency plan goes into effect

European emergency plan goes into effect to face possible Russian gas outage.


Europe had previously drawn up a plan in order
to face the specter of Russian gas interruption
due to the sanctions imposed on Russia for its war on Ukraine,
and now Europe is preparing to implement its plan,
according to what was published in the official newspaper of the European Union on Monday,
and this comes after a statement by a German government spokesman ,
that they ruled out the decision to approve

the currently suspended Russian Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

The European Commission calls for the unity of the Union
and work to reduce gas consumption by about 15%
at a time of high gas prices and an increase in inflation rates.




Germany is the first European country to suffer from the gas crisis.

China’s exports rise more than expected jump 18% in July.

“Google” services return to work after a malfunction And “WhatsApp adds a new feature And the share of “Twitter” is rising






Germany is the first European country to suffer from the gas crisis.

The difficulties regarding the operation of the natural gas pipeline coming from Russia,
Nord Stream 2, are still largely ongoing,
and Germany believes that it must deal with this reality quickly.
German officials said that their country in the coming months
will be facing the reduction in natural gas supplies,
despite this, Germany intends to stand firmly by Ukraine,
and will work to implement the economic sanctions signed on Russia,
and there is no intention to reverse this decision in light of a marked rise in electricity bills.


Germany’s plan is to solve the crisis.

First, it must rationalize consumption and provide at least 20% of energy consumption.
German Chancellor Mueller added that
his country should reduce its gas exports by 20% to neighboring countries,
and work to import between 10 to 15 gigawatts. An hour of gas to meet the shortage.


Natural gas prices are rising.

For the third time during the past week,
as a result of fears of an interruption in supplies of Russian gas,
prices rose again, and according to expectations,
the current rise in gas prices will continue for a while,
and within the framework of the plan,
European countries seek to try to fill the reservoirs with about 71% of their capacity
in order to meet the expected deficit in Winter.

Gas futures rose by 5.9% during the past week,
which caused an increase in prices after Russia’s decision to reduce gas supplies
that pass through the main Stream pipeline to 20% of its capacity.


artical name European emergency plan goes into effect










China’s exports rise more than expected jump 18% in July.


Based on customs data that appeared on Sunday,
Chinese exports rose by about 18% in July, after they had achieved 17.9% in June,
at a time when imports rose 2.3% less than expected, which was 3.7%.

And China was able to record a surplus of its foreign trade by about 101 billion dollars in the month of July,
compared to expectations that were indicating 90 billion dollars for the surplus.

The Chinese economy is currently indicating improvement with
the easing of special restrictions to combat the Corona epidemic,
which is a good indicator for the global economy,
given that China is the second largest economy in the world,
and the second largest consumer of oil.
The Chinese economy contracted during the second quarter due to fears of closures,
but China is still striving to avoid any cases of coronavirus infection,
which will remain a top priority.

And the Chinese economy achieved slower growth two years ago by about 0.4%
on an annual basis during the second quarter due to its health restrictions.
Since 2020, China has followed the “zero Covid” policy,
which is to try to avoid any new infections, and these measures had a negative impact on the Chinese economy,
which Many companies and factories were forced to stop their operations and put pressure on supply chains.





China imports from Russia

In light of Russia’s war on Ukraine and the tense situation
as a result of European sanctions imposed on Russia,
the growth of Chinese imports from Russia maintained its high level,
reaching 49% in July, despite declines of 56% in June and 79% in May.

Russia is the main exporter of oil, gas, coal and agricultural commodities to China,
and Chinese buyers have benefited by reaping supplies at low prices.

Russian oil supplies to China fell by 21.3 million barrels in July,
the lowest level since February
According to the data of the General Administration of Chinese Customs issued in April of this year,
the volume of trade exchange between China and Russia reached
a significant increase during the first quarter of 2022,
as it increased by 28.7% compared to the same period of the previous year,
and thus the volume of trade exchange reached to $38.17 billion


artical name European emergency plan goes into effect








“Google” services return to work after a malfunction And “WhatsApp adds a new feature And the share of “Twitter” is rising


Google services are down for thousands of users

According to a report by the Downdetector website,
which is interested in monitoring outages in Internet services around the world,
a disruption in the services of the Google search engine was noticed,
and this holiday affected thousands of users on Monday
According to the site, it received reports from more than 40,000 people
that they encountered a problem in accessing the Google search engine owned by Alphabet.
It did not receive any response to a request from Reuters for comment on the matter.


Google services back to work


After the outage that began on Monday and into the beginning of Tuesday,
Google said in a statement: We are aware of a software update issue that occurred today and
briefly affected the availability of Google Search and Maps, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Services were down in countries such as the US, Australia, UK and Singapore.


A new feature in “WhatsApp” allows the user to exit groups without alerting members

As part of the developments that WhatsApp is making in order to satisfy users,
it has added a new feature that allows users to leave any group without warning the members of this group,
and only those responsible for these groups will be notified,
now the feature is being worked on and is expected to be implemented within a month of Now

And the CEO of “Meta” and the owner of “WhatsApp” – “Mark Zuckerberg”:
that the company continues to build new ways to protect your messages and keep them private
and secure such as face-to-face conversations

It is also currently working on testing the
“disable screen capture” feature for self-hide messages,
which allows the receiver to open them only once.


Twitter’s stock rises after Musk’s comments


During Monday’s sessions, “Elon Musk” the possibility
of executing the Twitter acquisition deal in the event
that the evaluations of fake accounts are proven to be true

Musk sets this condition, which is that if Twitter is able to provide evidence and take random
samples from 100 accounts and confirm that they are all real accounts,
this condition will make me complete the purchase transaction based on the original terms

He also indicated in his tweet: that he had been tricked into signing
the deal to buy the social media company,
saying that it was allegations “unbelievable and contrary to the truth.”

With this positive news, Twitter’s stock rose to $42.94, by about 1%,
after recording a price of $43.50 during the session on Monday.



artical name European emergency plan goes into effect









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