Developments of the Massac “X” application

Developments of the Massac "X" application

Developments of the Massac “X” application, which is similar to the “WeChat” application

Billionaire and founder of Tesla Elon Musk tweeted on his Twitter account that
the purchase deal for the Twitter platform is the fastest way to create the comprehensive X application.
This announcement, which is the first comment from Musk,
came as he seeks to implement the application after he acquires Twitter.

He added that the application will be very similar to an application such as (WeChat)



Musk wants to turn Twitter into TikTok

The turbulent economic climate disrupts global trade

The Canadian trade surplus in August was at its lowest level since the beginning of 2022.







Musk wants to turn Twitter into TikTok


Musk is thinking publicly about his desire to make Twitter a platform very similar to applications
such as “WeChat” and “TikTikTok”, which is the application launched by ByteDance throughout the United States,
and also very similar to some applications circulating in Asia,
and this will allow the user to own one application that provides all services from making contacts to ordering a Taxi.



The most important features of the “WeChat” application


As part of Elon Musk’s quest to implement the idea of his application,
the most similar program to his idea is the WeChat application
and we review together some of these different features.

Where the application is wider and more comprehensive and

used by millions daily in many services such as booking flights,
food ordering, and many other services that are linked to the main interface of the application.

It is also one of the most used payment methods in China and
many users rely on it to pay for their services and goods and can also lend money to users.

It is also a platform that includes many other news and entertainment, which also attracts small users.
The economic value of WeChat’s programs reached about 240 billion dollars
and witnessed a growth in the number of users by 12.5% to reach 450 million users
according to last year’s statistics last year 2021,

given that it is the most comprehensive application currently
that combines other applications such as Facebook,
Twitter, Uber, Instagram, and Sop Stack.







The turbulent economic climate disrupts global trade


Overnight, the balance of the superpowers changed in the Ukrainian-Russian war,
which ignited the energy crisis in Europe and swept the country towards depression stemming from inflation,
as well as what the United States is doing towards fighting inflation by tightening monetary conditions,
which made the World Trade Organization expect a slow year in the commodity movement.

According to its latest report, the organization expects a significant decline in the growth rate by 2023,
compared to its previous optimistic expectations of 3.4%.
For the year 2023 estimated a decrease in the growth rate of about 1%.
This was in line with the expectations of the International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Cooperation
and Development as well, which indicated a significant decline in growth estimated at 9.7% the previous year,
as it slowing in travel and other services due to the cursed covid-19,
and the main dependence on household products for consumers was only.



The most important reasons


The rise in sea freight rates, made trade decline significantly,
especially in the logistic industries such as container shipping,
where the worker had the lion’s share of profits in recent quarters.

Inflationary pressures will increase and economic growth will slow due to the reduction in global supplies.

This was a stern warning from Okonjo first, adding that we need a more diversified
and deeper base for producing goods and services, etc.

And the most important statements after each.

Central banks raising interest rates in this way to higher levels will cause a significant delay in facing inflation,
which may have reached its peak.
This was the opinion of the World Trade Organization about the potential risks resulting from the decisions.

Ngozi Okonjo Iwa Yalla, director of the World Trade Organization, also said.
I think we are close to a recession as it is getting bleaker than we expected.

The global economy’s slowdown is putting significant pressure on households and businesses budgets,
and we are studying the matter.

The matter of controversy is the situation of developing countries that will be affected and exposed

to crises and debts due to the economic risks and crises that hit Europe and America,

whereby the pressure on fertilizers, food, and fuel, causing food insecurity,

and this was the opinion of the World Trade Organization.














The Canadian trade surplus in August was at its lowest level since the beginning of 2022.


After the Canadian economy recorded positive results in the record in June, due to the significant increase in oil prices,
but now, with the announcement of the new results, Canada achieved a surplus in August regarding trade in goods,
and this is due to the decline in exports and imports, and this is considered a performance Negative for the economy,
while the surplus specifically in commodity trade fell to 1.52 billion Canadian dollars,
after it was at 2.37 billion Canadian dollars, according to Statistics Canada yesterday,
Wednesday, and the trade surplus during August is the lowest since the beginning of the current year 2022,
while economists’ expectations indicated The excess in imports reached $3.5 billion in August,
while exported shipments declined by 2.9% during August, after they had fallen by 3.7% in July,
and this is the largest percentage of decline for two consecutive months since the Corona pandemic.



This comes in light of a faltering labor market, in addition to the recent trade figures,
which indicate the suffering of the Canadian economy to achieve growth during the second half of 2022,
and this comes alongside pressure from the global slowdown and significantly high-interest rates,
which are still expected to rise further.



Canada benefits from oil prices

For the first time since 2014, Canada was able to achieve a recurring surplus in the trade balance,
as it benefited from the rise in oil prices during 2022,
and by calculating Canada’s exports without energy products,
we will find a decline of about 1.7% in terms of value,
while in terms of volume, it decreased by 1.3%

As for imports, they declined for the second month in a row, and this reflects the weak activity,
as the value of goods purchased from outside the country decreased by 1.7% in August
after recording a decrease of 0.7% in July.

It is also worth noting that Canadian exports in the service sector rose by 0.3% to 12.6 billion Canadian dollars,
with a rise in imports also by 2.1% to reach 14.5 billion Canadian dollars.


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