Apple to stop selling its latest smartwatches due to patent case

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Apple to stop selling its latest smartwatches due to patent case: Due to a patent dispute,
Apple will stop selling the latest smartwatch in the US,
which may cause it to withdraw the best-selling devices during the holiday season.
In a press release, Apple stated that the company will stop selling the
Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2 in the company’s online store starting December 21,
and in the company stores starting Christmas Eve.



International Trade Commission
Importance of health features
The impact of stopping sales on Apple
Apple shares decline




International Trade Commission

The Company is working on banning selling and using any smartwatch equipped with the blood Oxygen sensor feature.
This feature was added to the devices released in 2020 after Masimo Corp announced the invention of this feature.

Last October, the International Trade Commission ruled
that Apple was violating Masimo’s patent and that it must stop selling infringing devices.
This patent relates to a method for Calculating hours of a person’s blood oxygen saturation.

While the review of the ruling continues,
the company stated that it will take proactive steps to implement the ITC ruling if the ruling is affirmed,
although the review will not conclude before December 25.”

Importance of health features

Health features have become a major source of revenue for the company,
Apple competes with medical device manufacturers.
Masimo stated, “The ban proves that even the largest and most powerful companies must abide by the law.”
The company added that the International Trade Commission
has proven that Apple stole the technology for measuring blood oxygen levels,
which was patented by Masimo.
The International Trade Commission has taken comprehensive legal action,
and its decision in this regard must be respected for the public to
respect intellectual property and to maintain its trust. patent system in the United States

The impact of stopping sales on Apple

The “Series 9” and “Ultra 2” watches are considered
the best-selling Apple smartwatches category,
and it is impossible to estimate the value of the revenues that the company earns from this line,
but it is an integral part of the field of wearable devices, home supplies and accessories,
the value of its revenues is estimated at more than 40 billion dollars annually.

According to experts, the Apple Watch alone achieved revenues, worth $17 billion in the fiscal year ending last September.

Stopping the sale of watches will have an impact on some old watches, including the “Series 8”, which Apple is still selling today on its website.
The feature was added for the first time in “Series 6”.


Apple shares decline

The value of Apple’s stock fell to 1.6% after the 9to5Mac website published
Apple was banned from selling the swatches.

while Masimo’s stock rose to 5.7%, Apple’s stock reached its highest level last week


Apple to stop selling its latest smartwatches due to patent case