2.41 million Netflix subscribers

" نتفلكس " تنمو وتضيف في الربع الثالث 2.41 مليون مشترك جديد


2.41 million Netflix subscribers


The giant and leader of the broadcasting company, “Netflix”, was able to add more customers, which reached 2.41 million subscribers during the third quarter of this year,
which indicates that it exceeded any expectations, as companies were able to grow in all parts of the world,
while on Tuesday, it issued expectations of recording about 4.5 million Global subscriptions during the last quarter of this year



Positive correction
The effect of the dollar




Positive correction


Although “Netflix” has not grown as it was two years ago, it is trying to return again to its positive path,
which helps it erase many of its losses, specifically the failure of customers that occurred during the first half year, and this news is considered a good indicator for all investors and holders of “Netflix” shares.
Which was experiencing losses at the time the company announced a slowdown in its growth

While the company’s shares rose to reach $268.50 by 12% after the positive results,
while the stock decreased by 60% during this year,
but the revenues of the third quarter grew by 5.9% to reach $7.93 billion,
exceeding expectations, and also exceeding the profit of about $3.10 per share.
Exceeding estimates, while the number of subscribed customers increased to 223.1 million subscribers



The effect of the dollar


Initially, after losing more than 1.2 million customers this year, investors in “Netflix” company to reconsider many matters related to their investments in the company, while the significant rise of the dollar was a major cause of the great challenge that affected revenues and profits, while Netflix was referring to the possibility of adjusting spending on content and pricing accordingly, but profits during its fourth quarter are less than estimates in Wall Street.

Estimates of sales profit reached $7.78 billion during the fourth quarter, while expectations are for 36 cents per share


Netflix is ​​seeking to increase revenue through a new ad-supported version in November, in addition to charging additional fees for password sharing starting next year.