TimeOut Market in the GCC

TimeOut Market in the GCC, As an investor, it is always exciting to see a brand that has been around for over 50 years grow and expand into something even bigger.


Time Out History
Investing in the Foodie Culture
Exploring and Experimenting The New Markets
Diriyah Square the new Time Out Hub






Time Out History


The TimeOut magazine was first published in 1968 by Tony Elliott with Bob Harris as co-editor,
and since then the magazine has developed into a global platform across 315 cities and 58 countries.
What started as a counter-culture publication quickly grew to become one of the most popular magazines out there with its weekly circulation reaching 110,000!

TimeOut’s success didn’t stop there – they expanded their brand to North America in 1995 followed by TimeOut New York Kids in 1996. This led them on their path of expansion worldwide which included travel magazines, city guides, books etc., all under the same name – “TimeOut”.

It is incredible how this company was able to withstand print competition while also integrating digital platforms during the online revolution; this shows great foresight from the management team at TimeOut which makes investing in them a very attractive option indeed!


Under new management, the firm grew the brand digitally by forming alliances with software companies to build a unified web platform for the brand and multi-city mobile applications.
In July 2012, the firm continues to expand digitally by releasing an iPad app for New York and London.
MasterCard initially sponsored the iPad app.



Investing in the Foodie Culture


It’s no secret that the food industry is booming in Dubai and Abu Dhabi,
with a range of innovative concepts emerging to meet the demand for quality dining experiences.
Last year, TimeOut Market Dubai brought 17 of the U.A.E.’s top chefs together under one roof
to create an upscale food hall concept like never before seen in this region
and it looks set to be just as successful when its sister venue opens in 2025: TimeOut Market Abu Dhabi!


As investors, we know how important it is to stay ahead of trends;
so what makes these two markets stand out?

Firstly, they combine diverse cuisines from around the world into one location
meaning customers have access to multiple culinary options all at once!


Furthermore, each chef has been carefully selected based on their unique style
and expertise ensuring that only high-quality dishes are served across both venues.
And last but not least importantly both locations will offer diners entertainment options
such as live music performances or cooking classes alongside their meals,
creating a truly immersive experience unlike any other!


We believe that investing now could potentially generate huge returns over time
due not only due to these exciting features but also because there’s still room for growth
within this sector here in UAE as more people become aware of these new developments
taking place across cities like Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

So, if you’re looking for a lucrative investment opportunity with long-term potential,
then look no further than TimeOut Markets – your gateway into deliciousness awaits you today!






Exploring and Experimenting The New Markets


For investors looking for exposure to new markets or those interested
in capitalizing on emerging trends such as experiential dining concepts
TimeOut Markets offer a unique opportunity across multiple cities around the world.
With its focus on authentic experiences rooted in culture,
it provides an attractive proposition for customers who are seeking something different from traditional restaurant chains
can provide them with; creating repeat business opportunities that drive long-term growth potential for investors involved.

TimeOut Markets have seen tremendous success since launching their first location over 5 years ago
now boasting more than 10 million visitors annually at all current sites combined – making it one of the fastest growing food hall concepts globally today! We look forward to seeing what Riyadh has up its sleeve when they open later this year.

TimeOut Market has announced the exciting news that they are expanding their food hall concept to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! This marks another milestone in TimeOut Market’s Middle Eastern expansion and is sure to be a hit with both locals and visitors alike.



Diriyah Square the new Time Out Hub


Riyadh will join existing locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Lisbon, and Miami as well as upcoming openings planned for Montreal later this year. Each location offers an incredible selection of local cuisine from some of the city’s best chefs alongside cultural experiences including live music performances by local musicians.

We are excited to announce that Diriyah Square, one of the largest and most ambitious projects in Saudi Arabia, is set to host TimeOut Market Riyadh. This new development will be a place for locals and tourists alike to experience some of the best food, art, culture, and entertainment that the region has to offer.


TimeOut Market Riyadh will feature 23 kitchens offering cuisines from around the world as well as five beverage service spots with local craft beers on tap. There will also be multiple stages for live music performances in addition to event spaces where visitors can enjoy interactive workshops or exhibitions showcasing regional talent. The market’s demonstration kitchen provides an opportunity for budding chefs or entrepreneurs looking into starting their own restaurant business while its Kitchen Academy offers culinary classes taught by experienced professionals who have worked at top restaurants around the globe.

Diriyah Square is committed not only to providing a unique shopping experience but also to creating jobs within this sector; it estimates over 1 million people each year could benefit from employment opportunities created by TimeOut Market Riyadh alone! With such an array of activities available there really is something here for everyone – whether you want to try out delicious dishes from all corners of the earth or just relax with friends over drinks – it promises plenty of fun-filled days ahead!