First time in two years Mark Zuckerberg sold shares in Meta

First time in two years Mark Zuckerberg sold shares in Meta: For 190$ million,
Mark Zuckerberg sold shares in Meta Platforms in November for the first time in two years.
After the deal, Zuckerberg kept 13% of Meta shares, which equals its fortune of 117 Billion dollars. 

This deal came after the recovery of the social media company from the turmoil in 2022,
and after Meta shares rose 166% this year,
which means compensating for the losses it suffered two years ago.

Meta’s CEO and co-founder, as well as the entities and associations
he uses to make charitable and political donations,
announced the sale with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The entities sold more than 500,000 shares under the trading plans scheduled for the summer.

Meta Shares Crashing
The value of Meta stock
Meta and good causes




Meta Shares Crashing


In 2022 meta shares crashed, but she compensated for the losses after increasing 166% this year,
outperforming the Nasdaq index with a 36% increase.
As a result of this deal,
Zuckerberg Earned a spot in the top 10 Bloomberg Billionaires Index,
with 116$ billion in resources, he is number 9 in the wealth index.

The biggest benefits from the interest of the investors in Big tech companies
are the Social media groups behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,
motivated by their belief in artificial intelligence

Meta is a member of the “Magnificent Seven” stocks with other big companies like Tesla and Nvidia,
and Meta had the biggest share of the S&P 500’s profits this year.

The value of Meta stock

By the end of November, Meta shares rose by 172%,
outperforming all technology companies except Nvidia,
which helped Zuckerberg increase the profits from his activities that are not related to Meta,
such as scientific research, investing in influence campaigns, and other activities carried out by Zuckerberg.
The value of the stock today is close to the record level it achieved in 2021
when Zuckerberg and the charitable foundation he owns
through the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative sold shares worth more than one billion dollars.


Meta and good causes

It is known that Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan,
donate 99% of their wealth to charitable causes throughout their lives.
In 2010, Zuckerberg signed the Giving Pledge for the first time,
which is a charitable pledge and commitment to charitable work
on the initiative of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates.





First time in two years Mark Zuckerberg sold shares in Meta