Airline shopping spree leads Airbus and Boeing to a great year

Airline shopping spree leads Airbus and Boeing to a great year:
 Airbus and Boeing concluded the year 2023 with a large wave of orders,
breaking records in a category considered the most active
in recent years so that the companies will continue production for several years to come.

The German airline Lufthansa had asked the companies to provide her
with about 200 short-haul aircraft in a deal worth about $9 billion.
Meanwhile, EasyJet signed an agreement providing it with 157 Airbus aircraft.

Increased demand for aircraft
Airbus breaks record
Increasing demand for small aircraft


Increased demand for aircraft

Tobias Fromme, Senior Research Associate at Bernstein,
said that after 3 years of decrease in the demand for aircraft, it appears that spending will return strongly.
The year 2023 was a good year for all airlines, as they recorded high profits.

Orders for planes exceeding 100, once rare in the industry,
have become more common this year as lead times have become scarce.
The most popular Airbus and Boeing planes are sold out for the rest of the year,
increasing pressure on airlines to join the “demand frenzy” or risk having their turn delayed by long queues.


Airbus breaks record

While the number of planes ordered from Boeing reached 1,200 planes,
the number of planes ordered from Airbus reached more than 2,000 planes,
thus breaking the record it achieved in 2014 when it sold about 1,800 planes.
The Lufthansa and EasyJet agreements come in the wake of
Turkish Airlines submitted a record order last week to purchase approximately 355 Airbus aircraft,
in addition to the Avalon Holdings deal that it signed a few days ago,
which stipulates the purchase of 140 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing.



Increasing demand for small aircraft

While most demand is for the small, short-haul aircraft that form the basis of the industry,
for larger aircraft has increased significantly.
Boeing backed away from a major commitment at the recent Dubai Air Show,
where Emirates updated its fleet of long-haul jets.
Lufthansa said its City Air fleet will use the A220 aircraft,
and a decision will be made later on which of the group’s subsidiaries will operate the MAX aircraft.
The company has also reserved purchase options
for an additional 40 Airbus A320 aircraft and has options to purchase another 20 smaller A220 aircraft.


Airline shopping spree leads Airbus and Boeing to a great year