Details of Dubai Expo

Details of Dubai Expo:  Changing the Game in Forex Trading
Today, the Forex Expo 2023 concluded in Dubai, with its sixth edition spanning two days at the Dubai World Trade Center.
This exhibition served as a unique opportunity that brought together trading and forex companies from around the world in one place, allowing enthusiasts and experts to exchange experiences and knowledge in this field through various discussion sessions.


the details





the details

Artificial intelligence was one of the prominent topics discussed at the expo, as technology has become more important than ever for traders looking to stay competitive.
In one of the discussion sessions, leading economic analysts from Everest Company talked about how artificial intelligence can provide accurate forecasts and an overview of market movements.
This can assist traders in making more informed decisions and better risk management.
One of the analysts stated, “Today, our world is in a rapidly evolving digital revolution, and that’s why at Everest, we are constantly striving to keep up with what’s new and advanced.
Artificial intelligence can now analyze news articles and social media posts to identify potential sentiments and events that may impact the market.
Traders can use this information to stay ahead of developments and make timely trades.”





In addition to the expo

Ahmed Osama, a senior economic analyst at Everest, discussed market events following central bank surprises, saying,
“The markets have witnessed a series of strong movements recently,
with the most significant being the statements made by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve,
Jerome Powell, after the recent interest rate decision,
stating that there will be no reduction in US interest rates for at least a year.
It’s worth noting that US interest rates have reached 5.5%, which is considered very high.
However, Jerome Powell’s statements indicated that the US Federal Reserve’s tight policy is still in place,
leading to significant changes in market movements.


The US dollar began to rise sharply, surpassing the 106 index level,
negatively impacting gold trading, which was hovering around $1900 levels.
” Ahmed added, “Generally, the prevailing trends in the current time are expected to continue,
with the strength of the US dollar and weakness in other currencies and gold,
unless there is a setback in the US labor markets.
Such an event would be a negative signal for the US dollar, as it would indicate a prolonged period of high US interest rates, reducing market expectations that the tight policy will persist, and in that case, we may see a resurgence in gold prices.”

Furthermore, artificial intelligence can be used to create automated trading strategies based on historical data and current factors.
This can help traders save time and effort while improving their profit-making opportunities.






Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of development,
but there is significant potential to change the rules of the game in forex trading.
Technology is likely to become even more important in the coming years,
as traders aim to stay at the forefront of competition.

In the future, artificial intelligence is expected to become more advanced and efficient in forex trading.
This could lead to further improvements in forecast accuracy and trading efficiency.
For example, automated trading robots may become more intelligent in identifying trends and risks, leading to more informed trading decisions.
Additionally, artificial intelligence techniques can be used to create more accurate predictive models,
helping traders make wiser decisions.



Details of Dubai Expo