800 Dominos Chevy Bolt EVs Delivery Fleet

800 Dominos Chevy Bolt EVs Delivery Fleet, The future of pizza delivery is here!
The all-new Chevy Bolt EV is now the official vehicle of Domino’s Pizza.



The Future of Pizza Delivery
EV Pizza Delivery
Domino’s Delivers Excitement







The Future of Pizza Delivery


800 Dominos Chevy Bolt EVs Delivery Fleet, That’s right, starting this month,
you can get your favourite pizza delivered by a shiny new electric car.
This is a big change for Domino’s and one that we think will be great for both our customers and the environment.
With 100% electric vehicles, we can reduce our carbon footprint
while still delivering hot, fresh pizzas to your doorsteps.
And because the Bolts are so efficient, you can expect even faster delivery times!
So, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite pizza today
and have it delivered by a brand-new Chevy Bolt EV.
It’ll be the best (and tastiest) decision you make all day!

The future of pizza delivery is electric! In the coming months,
Domino’s will be adding another 700 Bolts to their fleet,
making them the largest electric pizza-delivery company in the country.
With more than 6000 stores nationwide, not every location will get a Bolt EV,
but this is still a significant step up from the 155 DXPs that were built back in 2015.
The new Bolts EVs don’t have built-in ovens like the DXP, which reduces costs
and complexity. This is great news for both Dominoes and the environment!
Domino’s says it expects the battery life to potentially last for
“days of deliveries,” with the Bolt EV achieving a 259-mile range estimate from the EPA.






EV Pizza Delivery


800 Dominos Chevy Bolt EVs Delivery Fleet to be more environmentally friendly and save on costs,
Domino’s is transitioning its fleet of delivery vehicles to electric cars.
The company anticipates that not only will this eliminate tailpipe emissions,
but it will also lower average maintenance costs.
With a range of 259 miles per charge, the battery-powered cars
should be able to handle days of deliveries without needing to be recharged.
This could potentially attract more drivers who don’t own their own cars,
as many locations still require drivers to provide their own transportation.

The Bolt EV is ideal for traders and investors looking for a quiet and pleasant trip.
The electric hatchback’s 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque make it seem speedy around town,
reducing the time between ordering your pizza and taking a bite.
That sounds like a win-win situation to us!



The Risks and Rewards of Trading


For the most dedicated Domino’s fans, the pizza company has created
an interactive map to keep track of how many Bolt EVs are in each state.
This means they can calculate the chances the next pizza they order is delivered via electric power.

Some people might think that this is a silly way to spend time,
but for true Domino fanatics, this is essential information.
After all, who doesn’t want their pizza delivered by a clean and green electric car?
So, check out the map and see how many Bolt EVs are in your state.
And if you’re lucky, maybe your next pizza will be delivered by one of these amazing cars!

“We’re excited that Domino’s has chosen the Chevrolet Bolt EV to build their electric pizza delivery fleet in the U.S.,”
said Ed Pepper, vice president of GM Fleet.
“Both companies are committed to bettering our environment.
GM plans to eliminate tailpipe emissions from new U.S. light-duty vehicles by 2035.
With an affordable price, fun driving characteristics, and a 259-mile range,
the Chevy Bolt EV is the future of Domino’s electrified deliveries.”

Domino’s is partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to offer local hands-on account management,
vehicle acquisition, financing, telematics solutions and maintenance for the electric delivery fleet.
This is a major step forward for Domino’s as we continue our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.
The new electric delivery vehicles will help us reduce emissions and save on fuel costs.
We are excited to partner with Enterprise Fleet Management to provide these innovative solutions to our customers.