Berkshire Hathaway’s Shift: Exiting GM and Activision

Berkshire Hathaway’s Shift: Exiting GM and Activision, Reducing its stake in HP

In a notable strategic move, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway made significant adjustments to its investment portfolio in the third quarter of this year.
These changes included divesting its holdings in General Motors and Activision Blizzard,
as well as reducing its stake in HP Inc.


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the details

The withdrawal from Activision Blizzard is a continuation of its investment strategy,
following the exciting merger deal with Microsoft that took place in October.
This move is part of Buffett’s efforts to achieve optimal balance in the company’s investment portfolio,
with the company’s investments decreasing by 10% to $312.8 billion.


Among the companies that witnessed Berkshire’s divestment in their stocks this year is the shift in investment strategy by withdrawing from U.S. Bancorp and Bank of New York Mellon.
Despite economic challenges, the company remains committed to its investment in Capital One Financial Corp.


The report also reveals that Berkshire sold significant amounts of stocks in 2023,
with net sales reaching approximately $23.6 billion.
This action contributed to a substantial increase in liquidity,
with the company holding an enormous cash reserve of $157 billion,
enabling it to efficiently pursue its investment strategies.








The company’s report indicates that these changes are not the only ones,
as Buffett announced earlier this year a shift in strategy by divesting from long-term investments in the chip industry due to political concerns in Taiwan.


These strategic moves demonstrate Berkshire Hathaway’s adaptability to market shifts and economic developments, highlighting the company’s commitment to maintaining a strong balance in its investment portfolio and adapting to ongoing challenges in the global economic environment.



Berkshire Hathaway’s Shift: Exiting GM and Activision