Smart Contracts facilitate online trading to safeguard trader investments in the digital economy

Smart Contracts facilitate online trading to safeguard trader investments in the digital economy: Smart Contracts are proving to become a turning point in digital trading as they safeguard trader rights and investments.

Evest Conqueror of the trading industry

Evest Conqueror of the trading industry


Evest is the best strategic partner for trading – Muhannad Al-Wadiya

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Investor’s Hub
The Vision
The Award






Investor’s Hub


Evest, Conqueror of the trading Industry, Dubai Forex Expo is the largest financial event in the world,
19th and 20th of Oct 2022, Dubai launched the Forex Expo with a number of leaders and pioneers in the industry,
this was an incredible opportunity for traders and investors alike to network with
some of the biggest names in the industry and learn from the best,
whether you’re new to Forex trading or a seasoned pro, this Expo is not to be missed.


United Arab Emirates was and still is the incubator of the trading industry in the GCC region,
led by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
facilitating FinTech with the latest innovative community featuring the “Metaverse
and making Dubai the hub and economic capital among the top cities in the Middle East and North Africa.



The Vision


Evest is honoured to carry the torch of his Highness’s vision and attend the economic event as a Titanium Sponsor
to share our vision and mission of empowering the Metaverse as emphasized by Evest’s CEO Ali Hasan,

“There is an increased interest in this domain and traders want to delve deeper to understand trading nuances in the Metaverse.”


The digital era in trading and investment is constantly evolving but we are
witnessing huge and major business deals across sectors, despite being in its infancy.

Recent media reports revealed that the sale of real estate and

land in the metaverses exceeded hundreds of thousands of dollars and

this is possible because investors now understand the importance of digital investments in the Metaverse.” He added.






The Award


Last year we’ve been awarded the Fastest Growing Forex Broker of the year 2021,
and that was only a stepping stone to further advancement easing further access to the international investment markets.

This year 2020 during the ForexEpo, our CEOs spoke more about the digital era in trading and
investment unlocking the vast potentials of the ever-evolving and progressing metaverse.


Ali Hasan and the team were awarded by the end of the 2nd day as the winner of the” Conqueror Of The Trading Industry” award,
an award suited to an enthusiastic, empowering the team with a united vision focusing on innovating client servicing,
Ali Further added, “Being the most innovative in our field,
we are taking this opportunity of our participation to meet our client’s face to face and
improve our client servicing through the New Metaverse”
also mentioned a couple of new projects will be released in the near future.




Ali Hasan reveals pro tips for investing in the world of metaverse at Forex Expo 2022

Ali Hasan reveals pro tips for investing in the metaverse world at Forex Expo 2022:
United Arab Emirates, Dubai: With advanced technology easing access to international investment markets,
Evest, the region’s leading online trading firm, revealed expert tips on actively trading and investing in global markets.




Evest is on a mission to empower traders by sharing knowledge and tools to unlock the potential of the ever-evolving metaverse.
In a panel discussion held at the Forex Expo 2022, the trading firm shared professional tips on studying market analytics,
understanding investment strategy to facilitate decision-making,
and honing skills to ultimately optimize trading opportunities

Led by Ali Hasan, the CEO of Evest, the firm marked a commendable presence for the third time in a row at Forex Expo 2022. Read more



Ali Hasan reveals pro tips for investing in the world of metaverse at Forex Expo 2022