U.S. inventories continue to drop as prices are going up and down

U.S. inventories continue to drop as prices are going up and down

U.S. inventories continue to drop as prices are going up and down

U.S. inventories continue to drop as prices are going up and down: The American Petroleum Institute (API) proclaimed a drop of 1.076 million barrels in U.S. crude this week,
while analysts forecasted a bigger decline of 1.769 million barrels.

U.S. crude stockpiles declined by 80 million barrels since 2021’s begging and by 22 million barrels since 2022’s beginning, the world’s stockpiles have declined as well.

Evest follows market developments in the following report.


decline  in crude stockpiles

Oil prices for the week

Oil production weekly rates

The oil situation for the week

Market’s driver’s latest decisions

The oil sector updates

decline  in crude stockpiles

For the last week, the API stated a decline of 2.025 million barrels in crude stockpiles, after analysts expected a rise of 675.000 barrels.

This week, the API declared a drop of 923.000 barrels in gasoline stockpiles for the week to Feb 11,
compared with last week’s decline of 1.138 million barrels.

Distillate stockpiles lowered by 546.000 barrels throughout the week, following last week’s drop of 2.203 million barrels.

Cushing stockpiles dropped by 2.382 million barrels this week, Cushing stockpiles were 27.7 million barrels on 4 February,
60 million barrels below 2021’s beginning and 37 million barrels below 2021’s end.

Oil prices for the week

On Tuesday oil prices fell before publishing data of revenues,
following Monday’s prices rise because some reports showed that Russia is pulling back some troops from Ukraine’s borders.

Crude prices rose on Monday as the Russian president sarcastically said Russia is preparing for an invasion today.

By midday West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude fell 3.6% to $92.02 a barrel, $3 up throughout the week.

Brent crude fell 3.34% to $93.26 a barrel, about $3 up throughout the week as well.

At the end of the day WTI crude was for $91.94 and Brent crude was for $93.13.

Oil production weekly rates

U.S. crude production recovered in the last week of reports.

For the week to Feb 4 _ the last the EIA reported data about production ,
U.S. crude production rose by 100.000 barrels per day (bpd) to 11.6 million barrels,
1.5 million barrels below the rates prior to pandemic.

The oil situation for the week

Prices’ difference amongst instant assessments of Brent such as Dated Brent and ICE Brent rose,
to their highest level ever of $5 per barrel amid constant geopolitical fears.

Brent’s drop reflects the unprecedented tightness of markets at the moment,
as there is an M1-M3 difference between March and May’s 2022 contracts to be broadly traded by about $4 per barrel.

While stockpiles are declining naturally by the year end, the current levels of decline make it impossible to renew stockpiles as storing leads to losses.

As Russia’s index Oral has fallen to its lowest levels ever in a year due to fears of being penalized and weak margins of sulfur removal,
the spending of the North Sea installments rose.

Market’s driver’s latest decisions

Glenore (LON:GLEN), a global trader, will allocate $1.5 billion for the investigations of bribery and market manipulation that are assumed to be solved this year.

Reports have shown that ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) studies the possibility of selling the Permian basin,
in Delaware for more than $1 billion as it seeks to lower its assets after it has bought Shell’s assets in the USA.

Shell (NYSE:RDS.A), a giant British oil company, is getting ready to offer its gas assets in the south of the North Sea,
some are subjected to developments since the 1960s, the deal may get $1 billion.



The oil sector updates

Total’s deal of $27 billion with Iraq has been suspended

Reports have shown that Iraq’s biggest energy deal in a decade with Total Energies (NYSE:TTE), a deal of four projects in gas,
oil and renewable resources fields of $27 billion stopped, as agreeing to reconsider contract terms continues.

The European Union has put GazProm under microscope

Antitrust regulators are predicted to intensify pressures on the Russian GazProm to know whether ,
the giant gas company has blocked extra supplies of gas to make domestic gas prices surge.

Exxon begins Guyana’s second project

Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM), a giant American oil company,  has started the second phase of Guyana’s offshore deep water field,
Liza, as the total capacity of the state is 340.000 bpd.

The EIA predictions for Permian in March

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts for Permian basin production to rise by 70.000 bpd to a level of 5.2 million barrels in March,
although wells capacity lowered to its lowest levels since August 2020.

Alberta wants to reduce oil sands emissions

Alberta’s government is working on intensifying terms of oil sands mines emissions, as it is the world’s biggest source of carbon emissions.

As the Canadian producers still have the option of measuring their emissions.

France suffers from another nuclear relapse

As the French energy group (EDF), controlled by the state, witnesses the century’s worst winter ever.

Paris has witnessed another nuclear situation as Burgey 3 has stopped due to a remote hearing contract to raise the total capacity to 15 gigawatts,
about one quarter of the state’s production.

Exxon would be late to join Brazil’s party

Despite Exxon (NYSE:XOM), a giant American oil company, having spent $4 billion on drilling rights, to be the biggest second owner of offshore areas in Brazil,
the company hasn’t yet announced a commercial oil discovery while it sees the country as one of the best grown areas.

Platts wants to add WTI Midland to the assessment of Brent

S&P Global Platts has noted that it seeks to add WTI Midland to its assessment of Dated Brent,
which was shifted to a main basis of the north sea to keep the global standard up with other degrees of BFOET.

However the oil market is still divided on the necessity of adding non-oil stuff to the North Sea.


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