expectations for a big jump in the profits of Russian energy

expectations for a big jump in the profits of Russian energy exports for 2022


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last Saturday that Western sanctions on Russia
will not have a significant impact on his country’s oil exports, adding that he expects a jump in export profits this year


We have not suffered losses by looking at the energy prices previously set by the West,” he told a television station


On the other hand, EU leaders agreed on the principle of reducing oil imports from Moscow by 90% by the end of the year
which comes as punishment for Russia for its invasion of Ukraine


Oil is not subject to politics and demand for it always exists and we have alternative markets and raise their sales rates,” Lavrov said



Russian ruble devalued by Russia being forced to default a century ago

Sharp drop in crypto market and deceptive spikes




Russian ruble devalued by Russia being forced to default a century ago

After a decision by the Investors Committee to fail Moscow to pay $1.9 million in interest on periodic bonds
it will put Russia in the face of payments of up to billions of dollars at a time
when the country is in turmoil due to its default on foreign debt



Sharp drop in crypto market and deceptive spikes

Many investors and influencers in the cryptocurrency markets predicted the possibility of a collapse
in the number of blockchains over the coming years as well as the collapse of thousands of digital tokens

Harrison confirmed that there will be no hundreds of blockchains and there will be a winner among them
But at the same time many expected some cryptocurrencies to hold out in the future

Ripple,( CEO of Cross-Border Payments), said dozens of cryptocurrencies could exist in the future

Scott Mnird also said that many cryptocurrencies are undesirable in their presence
but some coins will survive and have great demand such as configuration and Ethereum

Given the current period formation movements and after the sharp decline
Deutsche Bank announced the results of its survey that the majority of investors are convinced
that the formation is in the maximum bubble

He also warned that it was too early to wait for expectations of new highs and that
what happened was a corrective rally in a bear market




Goldman Sachs: Dollar Zoa Will Refresh Share and Bond Returns as It Returns to Low Levels

We have seen the recent decline in the dollar by up to 3% on which Goldman Sachs analysts built their recovery forecast in bonds
stocks and emerging economic currencies

They also added that dollar appreciation immediately translates into recessions and crises
a negative sign of rising risks in the United States



In a statement to the President of Goldman Sachs, he calls for easing the negative perception towards the US economy

The statement came after concerns were published for major American companies

Nylon Musk said his company Tesla would cut workers’ wages by 10% due to his fear of the economy

The head of Ansh (RH) furniture manufacturer stressed the need to be vigilant about the expected economic downturn

Earlier Blankfein himself commented that the situation was very, very serious



$71 trillion is the debt share of global governments in 2022

In a British study, it predicted increases in global sovereign debt of $71 trillion this year
by 9.5% and that this jump is mainly driven by the United States, China and Japan

But the most prominent question now is is the rise in debt due to the Russian war on Ukraine
Or the impact of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been a huge impact on government borrowing and its impact will continue for a while
as well as the pressures caused by the Russo-Ukrainian War,” said Bethany Payne, director of the global bond portfolio

Germany was the first country to make decisions on the matter, pledging to increase military spending to more than 2% of GDP


Gold prices fall at the end of last week and record a decrease of 1%

Gold prices at the end of the week witnessed a decline in prices, as the monthly jobs report was issued by adding 390,000 jobs
during the month of May, higher than expected, which was about 325,000 and stabilized at the rate at 3.6% last month

On the other hand, the US dollar rose to 102.1 points

Looking at gold trading, we are currently trading at 1851.4 recording losses of 0.4% during the week

artical name expectations for a big jump in the profits of Russian energy